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The scope of the EPE Journal is to supply all experts in the field of Power Electronics and Drives with the most recent information on the rapid evolution in the field of Power Electronics, Drives and Industrial Applications.

The journal wants to attract contributions from scientists but also and probably mainly the contributions of those who are designing and producing Power Electronics systems and those involved with the applications of those systems in industrial processes. The role of Power Electronics as a field is emphasized and every effort is developed to disembed it from more general names such as Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Automatic Control, etc..

In addition to the author’s contributions, information is supplied on new products, industrial realizations, firm portraits, EPE-Association’s life, contacts with international bodies and in particular with the EC. An agenda is published from time to time as well.

The EPE Journal is recognized as a truly European specialized Journal on Power Electronics, Drives and Applications of a very high scientific and technological level. The Journal is in close relation with the annual EPE ECCE Europe Conference, the leading European conference in the field, which brings manufacturers, researchers and users together.

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