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   4*300 MW variable speed drive for pump-storage plant application   [View] 
 Author(s)   A. Bocquel; J. Janning 
 Abstract   The drive system of the new pump-storage station Glodisthal, Germany, is presented. Two of in total four electrical machines (300 MV A each) are designed as cyclo-converter driven doubly-fed induction machines. The cyclo-converter supplied by ALSTOM is one of the largest in the world. Major benefits of this innovative concept are the increase of the turbine efficiency and the high dynamic power control for the stabilisation of the grid. On the basis of simulations the operation principle, control and protection of the drive systels in case of grid faults are analysed. The high-dynamic control of the doubly-fed induction machine is capable of realizing step response times of less than 10 ms from zero to full rate torque. 
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