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   Vision of the future for electronic test and measurement solutions   [View] 
 Author(s)   Hewlett Packard Brussels 
Since the early 1970's automated measurement systems have become easier to integrate. The development of the Hewlett Packard Interface Bus (HP-IB) led to this area of systems integration. After HP-IB was adopted as an industry standard (IEEE 488, IEC 625), the course was firmly set for the next two decades. The system integrator's choice of products grew with the increasing number of vendors offering products with this industry-standard interface. Systems could be scaled more easily to meet the user's application requirements. IEEE-488 instruments have met the needs in the past but for some applications the 1 MHz data rate and lack of support for multiple masters controllers have limited their application. Today the pressure on instrument manufacturers to downsize instrumentation and standardize on hardware, operating systems and instrument language architectures is growing.
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