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   The Innovation in the Field of High Voltage Bipolar Transistor   [View] 
 Author(s)   P. Alo´si 
The power mosfet technology gives a lot of new possibilities in the low and medium voltage application field:
- High switching speed for low volume, efficient applications,
- Power switches easy to design and to drive.
In the range of medium and high voltage and medium and high power application, the same type of requests come up for the bipolar devices:
* Increase of the device ruggedness by increasing the safe operating area's
* Capability to sustain accidental overloads or energy discharge from the parasitic inductances
* Improvement the device switching speed to increase the working system frequency
* Narrowing the electrical parameter distribution
* Capability to drive products easily
And also, improve the best characteristics of the bipolar devices:
* The saturation voltage
* Decrease the die cost by an easy manufacturing and process control.
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