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   Commutation Modes in Resonant Converters - Control and Safety in DC-DC Conversion   [View] 
 Author(s)   J. Roudet; J. P. Ferrieux 
In this paper the authors present the two different soft commutation modes for DC-DC power conversion applications and resonant systems.

Spontaneous commutations become possible in a resonant converter.
Two basic functions are studied: thyristor for a zero-current-switching mode (ZCS) and dual-thyristor for a zero-voltage-switching mode (ZVS).
The dual-thyristor mode is more suited for a voltage inverter structure whereas the thyristor mode is usually used in current inverters.

For this last mode a control strategy is proposed which ensures safe operation in voltage inverter.

Then, this control is applied on a series resonant DC-DC converter operating in ZCS mode. In that case the switching frequency is below the resonant frequency.
The theoretical study is carried out with snubbers (series inductances) which don't disturb the normal operation for all the loads.
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