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   Thermal Modeling of a High-Speed Switched Reluctance Machine with Axial Air-gap Flow for Vacuum Cleaners   [View] 
 Author(s)   H. J. Brauer; R. W. De Doncker 
 Abstract   Knowing the precise thermal behavior of switched reluctance machines (SRM) is important to increase the power density of such machines. Up to now, literature is lacking about how to model in detail switched reluctance machines at high speed with axial air-gap flow. The aim of this paper is to present a model showing the effects of varied air-gap flow on temperature distribution in vacuum cleaner machines with a power of 1kW and 60.000 rpm. First, a simulation model was set up, illustrating various operating points of the drive. Then the results of this model were verified on a test bench. Hereby, a simulation was found for high-speed switched reluctance machines that ideally reflects the temperature distribution within the machine and also depicts the effects of changing axial air-gap flow. In conclusion, this presented model indicates that even at high speed and with reduced air-gap flow, these switched reluctance machines can be operated within established temperature limits. Ultimately, this model is very good for predicting the thermal behavior of similar switched reluctance machines with air-gap flow. 
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