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   Generic 12-Bus Test System for Wind Power Integration Studies - Paper   [View] 
 Author(s)   A. Adamczyk; M. Altin; Ö. Göksu; R. Teodorescu; F. Iov 
 Abstract   High wind power penetration levels into power systems requires an appropriate power system model when assessing impact on the overall system stability. The model should capture the wide range of dynamics related to the wind integration studies, such as voltage control, synchronizing power control, inertial response, frequency control, damping of electromechanical oscillations, balanced and unbalanced fault management, etc. Hence, the power system components: conventional power plants with controls, transmission lines, transformers and loads should be represented accurately to achieve realistic power system characteristics. Additionally, the power system model should be simple and computationally manageable in order to simulate multiple scenarios with different control parameters in a reasonable time. In this paper, a generic power system model is presented in order to comprehend the wind integration studies with different penetration scenarios. 
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