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Chapter Chair

Prof. Dr. Alfio Consoli, University of Catania Department of Electrical, Electronic and Systems Engineering


The Chapter aims to promote scientific and technical development of electrical motor drives applied to several fields of human activities from industrial to transportation, from civil and commercial to agricultural and medical systems.


The EPE Drives Chapter performs its action at different levels:

At EPE members level
, the Chapter will be responsible for

  • Promoting technical and scientific papers on motor drives
  • Evaluation of received abstracts
  • Sponsoring workshops, keynotes and special sessions at conferences, seminars, tutorials and short courses in Motor Drives topics
  • Promoting special editions on Motor Drives in EPE Journal
  • Promoting research and development activities in universities, industry and government agencies working to expand the use of motor drives
  • Carrying out survey/state-of-the-art studies, to be published yearly in the Journal
                       The study fields could cover:
                      -   Motor Drives technologies in research and dominant manufacturers
                      -   Solutions & standards in motor drives applications

At the European Union level

  • Coordination of EU projects in Motor Drives applications
  • Provide the instruments to stay updated
  • Attend information meetings
  • Read the call for proposals and inform the other members
  • Discussion of formation of strong Consortia for successful applications

At the Educational level

  • The Chapter could provide input to the technical curriculum taught in MSc/PhD courses, based on new expansions of motor drives applications.

Additional suggestions can be sent to us

Actual and future perspectives

The impact that AC Motor Drives are experiencing on several technical applications such as transportation, electrical appliances and consumer, industrial system automation, multi-function motor control, finally gives compensation to the incredible interest and research effort that has been spent in the last thirty-fourty years within both the academic and industrial communities.  The role of electrical drives is essential in a digital control world where internet-enabled appliances, ultra-precise manufacturing systems, efficient hybrid and electric vehicles are expected to be massively introduced in the market.

Inherent advantages of adjustable frequency operation of drives could not be fully exploited without adopting a suitable control strategy. Similarly, the evolution of power electronic components is directly connected to the realization of advanced motor drive systems to meet the performance required by each class of applications.

Despite of the important results achieved in the last decades in the motor drives area, there are important issues not completely solved to ensure satisfactory performance of modern electrical drives employed for torque, speed and position regulation. EMI, Bearing Currents, Sensorless control and estimation techniques, Fault-tolerant operation and robust control, are still open areas of research where new technical developments are expected.


Recent activities

Upcoming collaboration

-  There is a close collaboration of the Chapter with the Technical Committee on Motor Drives of the IEEE Power Electronics Society.

Past activities

- 2nd Workshop on “Sensorless Control of  Electrical Drives”, in technical co-sponsorship with IEEE PELS, Warsaw, Poland, 27 August 2008


- Electromotion, July 2009, Lille, France, in collaboration with Technical University of Cluj-Napoca 


- 3rd Workshop on “Sensorless Control of  Electrical Drives”, in technical co-sponsorship with IEEE PELS,  Barcelona,  Spain, 11 September 2009


EPE-DRIV Advisory board:

  • Prof. Alfio Consoli, University of Catania, Italy (Chairman)
  • Prof. Frede Blaabjerg, Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark
  • Prof. Rik De Doncker, Aachen, Germany
  • Prof. Marcel Jufer, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Prof. Ralph Kennel, Technical University of Münich, Germany
  • Prof. Emil Levi, Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool, UK
  • Prof. Benoît Robyns, Ecole des Hautes Etudes d'Ingénieur (HEI), Lille, France

Useful information

Interesting papers and books:


-          Additional suggestions can be send to us

Interesting simulation tools:


-          Additional suggestions can be send to us


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